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Smaller, lighter temperature sensors for diverse mobile devices.


Battery technology is becoming indispensable now that advances in the miniaturization and mounting density of electronic components is allowing a wider variety of devices to become mobile. Since lithium-ion batteries generate heat and sometimes ignite, safety issues have become more important than before and temperature sensors that detect the temperatures of heat-generating substances are also becoming indispensable. As the demand for smaller, thinner, lighter, space-saving devices such as smartphones and tablet terminals accelerates, the demand for smaller, thinner and lighter temperature sensors that can accurately detect and measure temperatures is also increasing.

Efforts to address challenges

As more devices become mobile, more temperature sensors are required to be not only accurate, but compact and thin as well. SEMITEC’s JT thermistors are ultra-thin with a maximum thickness of 500μm and feature sufficient electrical insulation to acquire the UL safety standard. Their small, space-saving design allows mounting on devices that couldn’t measure temperatures until now: not only popular battery-mounted PCs and smartphones, but also power tools, heated tobacco products, etc. SEMITEC’s JT thermistors help protect people’s lives and contribute to the diversification of mobile devices.