Ultra-Thin Glass Substrate Thin-Film Thermistor Sensors

SEMITEC developed the “FT-R” thermistor sensor forming with a thin-film thermistor deposition on an ultra-thin glass substrate which will be expected to reduce energy loss.
“FT-R” is able to detect the temperature sensitively and the response speed is more than 10 times faster than conventional surface-mounted thermistors (IEC Standard 1005 size) and more than 5 times faster than our conventional thin-film FT thermistor, enabling a thermistor sensor with ultra-fast speed temperature response.

The thermistor film is formed by using a unique technology on a glass substrate which was conventionally difficult for surface mount device to achieve ultra-thinness. Achieving 1/5 the thickness of conventional thin-film thermistors (substrate thickness 0.03-0.15 mm), it is possible to mount it on a tiny space that could not be used ever before.
The shape of FT-R also enables accurate measurement of flat surface temperatures, compared with conventional axial-type thermistors that measure the spot temperature.
The newly developed product “FT-R” can be used in a wide temperature range from -50°C to 250°C, it will be suitable for a lot of temperature sensing applications from low to high temperature range.

By using FT-R thermistor, it is possible to realize a lot of efficiency due to the quick temperature response and the reduced temperature margin of thermal design.
For example, the maximum torque and rpm can be achieved without changing the size in case of motor used, charging times can be reduced and discharge efficiency improved in case of battery used.
This enables the size of embedded products such as motors and batteries to be reduced while maintaining the same performance, making a significant contribution to energy saving and, ultimately, carbon neutrality.
Ultra-fast temperature-response thermistor sensors can also be used as proximity non-contact sensors that are installed in the vicinity of the object being measured without directly touching it, making them ideal for temperature measurement of rotating objects.

A patent application has already been filed for the developed product.

Appearance / Dimensions


L W t Electrode size
1.0 0.5 0.03、0.05、0.07、0.10、0.15 (0.28)×(0.20)


R25*1 R25/85*2 Thermal time constant*3 Thermal dissipation constant*3 Operating temperature range
360 kΩ ±5% 3360K ±1% 0.2 sec 0.2 mW/℃ -50~250 ℃

*1 Zero power resistance at 25°C.
*2 Calculated from zero power resistance at 25°C and 85°C.
*3 Measured in still air in accordance with JIS C 2570-1.


・Ultra-fast temperature detection is possible.
As shown in the table below, the detection speed is more than 10 times faster than that of general surface mount thermistors.
・Ultra-thin: Up to 0.03 mm thickness is planned to be supported.

Products Thermal time constant*
Developed product
(substrate thickness 0.07 mm)
0.2 sec
General surface mount thermistors
IEC standard 1005 size
2.2 sec
Conventional thin-film thermistors
(substrate thickness 0.15 mm)
1.1 sec
World’s smallest glass-type thermistor
(Reference: catalogue figure of other manufacturers)
0.6 sec

* Measurement method: Evaluated in accordance with JIS C 2570-1 “Direct-heating type NTC thermistors – Part 1: General rules for each item”.

Application examples

・Motor for vehicle
・Batteries (rechargeable batteries)
・Printers and multifunction devices
・Temperature compensation of power devices and modules
・Wearable devices
・Various types of proximity and non-contact temperature sensing
・Various types of high speed temperature sensing for embedded products


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