Quality Control

Building a global quality control structure

SEMITEC Corporation’s World Technology Center centrally manages a comprehensive quality control system which ensures that all our customers’ quality needs and expectations are met at all of our manufacturing facilities.

All manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified

All SEMITEC production facilities base their process – everything from procurement to distribution – on the twin principles of “local production for local consumption” and “production in the optimal location for maximum efficiency”. Producing locally has many advantages including efficient communication, accurate information exchange, efficient and lower cost delivery, and shorter lead-times. SEMITEC group has earned very high levels of customer trust with respect to its quality management. All Semitec production facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified, exemplifying our commitment to quality assurance.

Assuring the same high level of quality control at all of our facilities

SEMITEC’S World Technology Center provides technical and quality guidance to ensure all manufacturing facilities comply with ISO quality management standards. Furthermore, all of our facilities make continuous efforts to improve quality and satisfy ISO requirements.
We will continue to update SEMITEC quality standards and strengthen our quality assurance structure across all facilities. We will also enforce stricter quality control to maintain ISO standards and offer the best quality support possible to satisfy our customers’ needs.