Ultra-Accurately Measuring Active Temperature Sensor

Temperature accuracy 15 times higher than the previous highest performance sensors and 10 times higher than the fastest sensors.

Furthermore, we have developed a new sensor that changes common sense by enabling measurement of thermophysical properties (thermal conductivity) by actively functioning the sensor. (*Patent pending)

Development Product Outline

Semitec have developed an Ultra-accurately Measuring Active Temperature Sensor in joint research with Hirosaki University and National Institute of Technology Hachinohe College.
This sensor consists of a control system and a dedicated device that uses several of our original thin film thermistors (FT series), which responds quickly to temperature.
The temperature measurement (precision measurement) of an object is more than 15 times more accurate than our previous sensors and has a 1/10 or less ultra-high-speed measurement. This will change the conventional wisdom of temperature sensors.
Furthermore, by realizing ultra-high-speed measurement of minute temperature changes, it is possible to determine the thermophysical properties of the object to be measured, and also to estimate the substance.
For example, it can be applied to devices for non-invasive definitive diagnosis and stage diagnosis of skin cancer without resecting the affected area.


Compared to our previous sensor

Our previous highest performance temperature sensor takes 3.3s to reach 34.8 ℃(thermal equilibrium) and still does not quite reach the final object temperature. However, the Ultra-accurate Active Measurement Temperature Sensor takes only 0.3s to reach 35℃.


・Quick detection of surface temperature
・Detects the exact surface temperature of an object
・Detects the thermal conductivity of an object
・Capable of generating thermal pulses in the measuring section (heating of the measuring section while measuring temperatures)
・Measuring section is small (approx. 2 mm in diameter) and can be mounted in narrow areas

Future application examples

● Determining internal conditions inside an object
Trying to find any anomalies such as deterioration inside equipment using non-destructive testing.
● Ultra-precise surface temperature measurement
Helping to make the thermal design of electrical devices easier leading to weight and energy savings.
● Estimating internal temperatures
Trying to estimate the internal temperature of an object (that currently is not possible) by extremely accurate measurement of the surface temperature.

Application examples

● Skin cancer diagnostic equipment
● Non-destructive deterioration and condition inspection
● Ultra-precise surface temperature measurement
● Thermal conductivity measurement
● Ultra-high-speed temperature measurement
● Precise liquid temperature measurement
● Measurement of liquid velocity
● Measuring velocity and temperature of high velocity gases


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