Narrow View Angle Thermopile

Narrow View Angle Thermopile is more focusing on view angle than a conventional type of thermopile. It is an infrared thermopile sensor that realize the more accurate temperature measurement in pinpoint by 1 sensor.

 In order to measure a temperature more accurately, a object to be measured temperature need to be within a visible area for the sensors. Therefore, an accurate optical design of a mirror, lens, or else parts is necessary

It makes easier focusing on a object to be measured temperature with accurate measurement by using this narrow view angle thermopile built in a optical part one body.
Output signal will not be reduced because SEMITEC’s original optical design will not cause the infrared amount loss.
A spot temperature measurement without using optical parts such as mirror or lens for gathering rays of light is possible. It is suitable for a non-contact thermometer or an equipment that require a built-in types non-contact temperature measurement.


Items Characteristics Remarks
Light receiving area 1.05×1.05mm2 Absorption film size
Voltage sensitivity 15V/W±30% Reference value
Output voltage※1 1.7mV Actual value
Output voltage※2 0.95mV Actual value
Sensitivity temperature coefficient 0.02%/℃±0.02 Reference value
Thermopile resistance 65kΩ±30% at 25℃
Thermopile resistance temperature coefficient ±0.1%/℃
Noise voltage 33nV/√Hz1/2 Johnson Noise
r.m.s., 298K, 1Hz representative value
S/N 75.7dB
NEP 2.2nW/Hz1/2 Reference value
Specific detectability 4.7×107 cm・Hz1/2/W Reference value
Time constant 15ms Reference value
Temperature range -20~100℃ Reference value
Storage temperature -40~100℃ Reference value
Angle ±12.5deg. Output to 50% senility
Transmission wavelength band Cut on 5μm Standard part
Insulation resistance ≧500MΩ DC25V applied
Thermistor resistance Value 100kΩ±3% 25℃ at zero power resistance
Thermistor B Value 3435K±3% B25/85
Thermistor rated power 0.5mW at 25℃

※1 Test Condition (Black body Temperature:500K, Sensor-Blackbody Distance:100mm, Sensor Temperature:298K, Aperture size:φ12.7mm)
※2 Test Condition (Black body Temperature:310K, Sensor Temperature:298K)

Visible angle characteristics


Transmission wavelength band characteristics


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