Compact Vacuum Sensor for Vacuum Insulation Materials

We have developed a compact vacuum sensor that uses thermal conduction to check the performance of vacuum insulation materials.
It is significantly smaller than conventional vacuum sensors and vacuum gauges, making it ideal for embedded applications.
Also, since it is equipped with a compensation sensor, accurate measurements can be made over a long period of time.


– Compact, can be installed in tiny spaces
– Fast response


* This product is under development and its appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Rated value

Item Content
Detection range 0.4Pa~1000Pa
Driving current 0.3mA
Stabilization time Approx. 5 sec.
Sensor resistance value for detection and compensation 65kΩ±30%

Characteristics of detection sensor (typical values)

Amplification circuit block diagram using a compensation sensor (reference)


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