Environmental Initiatives

SEMITEC Corporation places top priority on environmental protection, and adheres to the following environmental policies:

Environmental Policy


SEMITEC Corporation develops and manufactures electronic components, placing top priority on protecting the environment to improve people’s quality of life.

1 Below are the top environmental initiatives being carried out.

  1. Conserve energy wherever possible, to prevent climate change.
  2. Properly manage hazardous and toxic substances, to prevent pollution.
  3. Recycle wherever possible, to effectively utilize natural resources.
  4. Reduce waste wherever possible, to prevent pollution.
  5. Design and develop eco friendly products, to prevent pollution.
2 Observe environmental laws, regulations, agreements, and other commonly accepted requirements.
3 Set concrete goals for environmental policy implementation, and continuously strive for environmental improvement.
4 Make SEMITEC environmental policy publicly accessible and known to all employees.

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