Corporate Mission

SEMITEC corporate philosophy has remained unchanged since its inception in 1958.

“Be at the forefront of innovation”
“Always look to the future”
“Always stay open-minded and innovative”

Taking these principles to heart, SEMITEC continues to challenge itself to pursue the development of cutting-edge technologies. SEMITEC sensors today are considered best-in-class, offering superior accuracy and reliability.
Our corporate mission has also remained intact: to continue creating innovative devices in response to the ever-present and ever-changing market needs.

In October of 1991, the following new guiding principles were additionally introduced:

Challenge the limits of imagination,
Pursue high levels of technology,
Improve yourself and the company,
Improve the company’s value to society,
Improve your value to the company,
Pursue the company’s growth and your happiness.

We believe these principles will help us contribute greatly to society.

Contributions to society will subsequently lead to contributions to humanity and the global environment. SEMITEC’s products neither destroy nor harm the environment.
All our products are environmentally friendly, contributing to a cleaner and greener world.

SEMITEC is fully committed to producing products that will protect the environment and make contributions to global society.
Let SEMITEC build your future together.

President & CEO Daisuke Ishizuka