Thermal Barometric Pressure Sensor

Existing thermal pressure sensors generally have low sensitivity and low measurement accuracy.
Highly accurate barometric pressure sensors can be realized by applying SEMITEC’s thin-film thermistor FT.


Heating elements cool down due to changes in atmospheric pressure.
If the temperature of this heating element can be measured precisely, it can be used as a thermal barometric pressure sensor.

Thin- film sensor(FT series)

Thin- film sensor(FT series)

・Extremely small volume = small power for self-heating
Therefore, very sensitive to temperature changes
・Can produce two FT thermistors with nearly identical manufacturing characteristics

Comparison table of characteristic examples

SEMITEC Thermal Barometric Pressure Sensors Example of a typical thermal conduction type sensor
Principle Thermal conduction type Thermal conduction type
Output range 240mV at100Pa 4mV at100Pa
Permissible current 30mA(Disconnection at 210mA) 2mA(Disconnection at 10mA)
Pressure range 0.15Pa~100,000Pa 0.4Pa~3,000Pa
Operating temperature range 0℃~40℃ 10℃~50℃
Tolerance ±1%(6σ) ±15%
Reproducibility ±1.4% at100Pa
(Constant environmental temperature)
(Constant environmental temperature)
Stability time 1min 20min
Pressure resistant 0.2MPa 0.2MPa


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