Laminated Sensor

Laminated Sensor

● Features
Compact temperature measuring unit provides good thermal trackability for plane temperature detection
Since the entire sensor is covered with fluororesin, it has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and oil resistance.

● Operating temperature range

Product Specifications

External dimensions

Item Content Remarks
Operating temperature range -40℃~200℃
Thermal time constant Approx. 2.4s 25℃ to 100℃ in stirring water
Heat dissipation constant Approx. 1.59mW/℃ 25℃ in still air
Withstand voltage AC 1,400V 1 second 0.5mA or less
Insulation resistance DC 500V 100MΩ or more

Measurement result

○ Measurement method
The sensor is installed on a flat heat source (aluminum block).
The heat source is heated at a rate of approximately 0.5℃/s from 25℃ to 180℃, and the temperature detected by the sensor is monitored.

Lamination type Cylindrical type
Maximum temperature difference

14.0℃ 26.0℃
Transient temperature difference 7.5℃ 20.0℃


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