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Find your solutions from our wide lineup of temperature sensors for industrial machinery— Slim, compact temperature sensors for motors —


Since 1970, when Japanese industry entered a period of high economic growth, the birth of industrial machinery for various purposes required the creation of a wide variety of temperature sensors depending on the application.

Efforts to address challenges

SEMITEC’s thermistors are available in a wide range of thin-film, high-precision, high-heat-resistant, and thin types. There are also temperature sensors with various components (pipes, tubes, wires, connectors, etc.) mounted on the thermistor, and we can propose a wide variety of shapes to suit various customer needs.

When you are in need of low-cost products, we can offer an extensive lineup of standard temperature sensors (general-purpose products).

As an example of a proposal for a product that suits customer’s applications, we produce slim and compact temperature sensors for industrial machinery motors by applying resin processing and wire connection processing based on high heat-resistant thermistors (NT series).
This makes it possible to fit the sensor in the mounting space desired by the customer, an approach that has been highly evaluated.
We are making further progress in recent years and are preparing to propose a laminate-type high heat-resistant temperature sensor that can be mounted in more narrow spaces than ever before.
For the industrial equipment industry, which is becoming increasingly diverse, we will continue to expand our range of temperature sensor variations to satisfy customer needs.