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Realize a constant-current circuit with a single component!- Current regulating diode (CRD) for LED luminance stabilization –


LEDs have become popular in various lighting equipment, but various problems have arisen.
For example, LEDs require a constant current circuit to prevent flickering because the brightness varies with current fluctuations. Since the constant current circuit uses multiple electronic components, it also occupies a large amount of space on the board.

Efforts to address challenges

SEMITEC CRDs are two-terminal current regulative diodes that provide a constant current flow without voltage fluctuations, changes in load resistors, or ripple voltages.

SEMITEC CRDs perform the same function as constant-current circuits and can stabilize brightness simply by being added.
Because the circuit is simplified and the number of parts is reduced, it contributes greatly to the miniaturization of LED lighting and saves space.
We also offer a wide range of variations.
Two shapes are available: the surface mount type that can save space in the mounting area and the axial lead type that is inserted into a board.
(17 characteristics for surface mount type and 16 characteristics for axial lead type)