2020.11.30 Products

SEMITEC developed thermistor for extremely low temperature.

New SEMITEC developed thermistor for extremely low temperature.

The thermistor / assembled sensor for the low temperature measurement (-80℃) is available at the chilled transportation / storage for vaccine, PCR analyte, or else.


・New thermistor line up for extremely low temperature management

・The suitable sensor probe proposals for ambient temperature management, cooled materials temperature measurement
                Transportation / Storage inside use (rapid temperature change monitoring on opening and closing the flap)

                Vial container use (Temperature monitoring for cooled vaccine, PCR analyte, or else)

・The sensor probe is possible to connect wireless module. SEMITEC propose “IOT” kit that the measurement data is transferred to PC / mobile phone and managed on cloud.



Assembled Sensor

Wireless Temperature Sensor

Temperature management images (example)

Temperature monitoring / open and close the storage flap

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