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A thin, compact thermistor for slim facial equipment


Beauty appliances (hair removers, facial steamers, eye care devices, facial beauty equipment, etc.) that were not common are now popular at mass retailers.
With the spread of household appliances, the number of portable and multifunctional beauty appliances has been increasing rapidly in recent years and can be used more conveniently.
Since these mini products can bring discomfort when they are cold to the touch, we wanted to add a heater that would make them more comfortable.
We also wanted to improve beauty essence penetration and ensure safety because the products may directly touch delicate skin such as on women’s faces.
However, the limited space in these products made the installation of temperature sensors a challenge.

Efforts to address challenges

SEMITEC offers a wide lineup of thermistor element shapes for a wide range of products.
We proposed a thin film-type JT thermistor with a thickness of 0.5mm and a small ET-3H thermistor with a maximum bead size of Φ1.4 for surfaces that come in contact with human skin. This enabled the installation of thermistors in limited product spaces containing heaters and other components without changing the shape of the product housing or heater.

The installation of thermistors has improved product safety, alleviated skin discomfort, improved beauty essence penetration, and ensured that users and manufacturers can use the product with greater confidence and satisfaction.