ET Thermistor (high sensitivity type)

ET Thermistor (high sensitivity type)

The ET series thermistor series is very small and features small size and high sensitivity. – Tight resistance and B-value tolerances; high accuracy – Uniform shape facilitates automated assembly – Long term reliability SEMITEC’S ET thermistors are fully compliant with RoHS DIRECTIVE2011/65/EU.


Body thermometers, thermometers, medical devices, controllers, mobile devices, battery packs, home electronics, toilet heaters, security, LCDs, electric vehicles

Part number



Part No. R25※1 R25Tolerance B-value※2 Dissipation factor
Thermal time constant s※3 Rated power
mW at 25℃
Operating Temperature range
212ET 2.10kΩ ±3% 3850K±1% approx. 0.7 approx. 3.4
(approx. 3.2)
3.5 −40〜+90
402ET 4.00kΩ 3100K±1%
582ET 5.80kΩ 3614K±1%
902ET 9.00kΩ 3470K±1%
103ET 10.0kΩ 3250K±1%
203ET 20.0kΩ 3450K±1% −40〜+100
303ET 30.0kΩ 3760K±1%
403ET 40.0kΩ 3525K±1%
413ET 41.0kΩ 3435K±1%
503ET 50.0kΩ 4055K±1%
593ET 59.0kΩ 3617K±1%
833ET 83.0kΩ 4013K±1%
104ET 100kΩ 4132K±1% −40〜+90
224ET 226kΩ 4021K±1% −40〜+100
234ET 232kΩ 4274K±1%
103ETB 10.0kΩ ±1%、±2% 3435K±1% −40〜+90