Power Thermistor

Maximum allowable current

The maximum value of the maximum current that can be continuously added at an ambient temperature of 25℃. The thermistor element temperature, including self-heating generated by adding current, is limited by the maximum operating temperature, which is therefore reduced by the ambient temperature.

Residual resistance

Resistance value when current is added and thermal equilibrium is reached

(Max.) Allowable capacitance

If the inrush current is caused by charging the smoothing capacitor, the (maximum) capacitance of the capacitor that can be connected to the thermistor

Instantaneous maximum energy

Amount of energy that can be withstood when power is turned on

Smoothing capacitor

A capacitor used in power supply circuits to suppress ripples that still occur after rectification and to smooth the voltage to more closely resemble direct current

Inrush current

A current that flows when power is turned on that is greater than in normal operation.