Micro Pressure Sensor

SEMITEC’s micro pressure sensor probe makes mounting and sensing possible in narrow spaces of equipment used for bio-therapeutics, inspection, etc.


This sensor is a disposable medical device with pressure sensor and temperature sensor chips at the flexible probe tip, enabling simultaneous sensing of pressure and temperature.
By incorporating an ultra-small pressure sensor using our proprietary micro-machining technology and an Fμ thermistor, an evolution of the thin-film thermistor, we have made it possible to not only detect pressure but also to detect/compensate for temperature with high accuracy.

・Simultaneous pressure/temperature detection
・Probe tip diameter Φ1.0mm
・Overall length of the probe 1,000mm
・Flexible nylon tube exterior
・Composed of biocompatible materials

Sensor probe tip



Micro pressure sensor

power supply voltage 5.0V±0.5V
Operating pressure range 0~100mmHg
Output Analog voltage output

Temperature sensor (Thermistor)

Zero-power resistance (R25) 2.252kΩ±0.3%
B value (B25/85) 3978K±0.3%
Operating temperature range 0℃~70℃
Output Thermistor output


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