Small Wind Speed Sensor (Under development)

This sensor is a small wind speed sensor that achieves high-speed response by semiconductor technology. By Semitec’s unique mechanism, we realized the high resistant to air pollution, dust and humidity. It is possible to measure the suction air of a vacuum cleaner and exhalation. It can also be used for various application by changing the attachment.

Dimensions [mm]

The attachment assembly can be changed to suit various application.

Wind can be measured by drilling a hole of approximately Φ1 mm in the pipe and installing the sensor on the outside.


Item Detail Remarks
Part name TP-MW Series
Measurement gas Air
Wind speed range 0~20m/s ※Depends on attachment assembly
Power-supply voltage DC +3.3V Max:DC5V
Consumption current 35mA (reference data)
Thermal tome response 60ms (reference data)
Output signal 1.15~2.45V
Operationg temperature range 10~55℃
Storage temperature range 5~100℃
Weight 3g

Characteristics (general type attachment spec.)

Application examples

Drone, Hair dryer, Air conditioner, Vacuum cleaner, Ventilation fan, Electronic instrument, Fan, VR ..etc


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