Surface Mount Type

Surface Mount Type

SEMITEC Voltage Regulating Diode (VRD) is a transient voltage suppressor device that is designed to absorb voltage surges and spikes that occur during power initiation. Our VRD features uniform avalanche breakdown across the junction, enabling a very fast response to surge voltage. Furthermore, its control voltage is almost independent from the current which makes it a highly reliable, high performance device. SEMITEC’S VRD series is fully compliant with RoHS DIRECTIVE2011/65/EU.


・Protection of telecommunications line and equipment from lightning-induced surges
・ESD protection
・EMP protection
・Relays, solenoids, etc., switching surge protection
・Surge protection of fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc.
・Protection of electric circuits from abnormal voltage conditions



Item Symbols Rating Unit Conditions
Power rating P 1.0 W Glass epoxy substrate mounting
Transient permissible power Pp 300 W 10/1000µs Waveform
1200 W 1.2/50µs Waveform
2000 W 8/20µs Waveform
Junction temperature Tj -40~150
Storage temperature range Tstg -40~150
Rated voltage Vs Listed under Electrical properties