Fμ Thermistor (micro thin film type sensor probe)

Fμ Thermistor (micro thin film type sensor probe)

The Fμ thermistor sensor (pronounced “F-micro”) has been developed using SEMITEC’s proprietary thin film thermistor technology. It is the only sensor in the world using this unique technology. It is highly suited for catheter applications with its high volume production capability, robustness, reliability, accuracy and faster response than existing thermistors. This product description is for 223Fμ5183-08U004. Other specifications are also available.


Medical catheters and other medical equipment



Rated zero-power resistance (R37): 14.054kΩ ± 0.5% B-value (0/50): 3454kΩ ± 1% Operating temperature range: -10℃ to 70℃ Thermal time constant: approx. 0.07 sec. (in water)